A Complete Guide to Help Freelancers Get Hired on Upwork


by Filipino Virtual Assistance | Apr 1, 2021 | UpworkVirtual Assistants Tips 

How to get hired on Upwork?

This is one of the most-heard questions when it comes to freelancers. What could be the reasons for not getting hired on Upwork?

This article will share tips and guidelines that will help you be hired on the platform fast. Before that, let’s understand first what Upwork is.

What is Upwork?

Upwork is a marketplace for freelancers focusing on sales and marketing, writing and translation, graphic design, web development, and many more niches. The site provides careers to skillful professionals, finds projects, communicates with clients, and gets paid. Similarly, Upwork is helping business owners achieve their goals through the freelancer’s services.

To sum up, it is a freelancing site where even beginners can start their freelancing career with.

How does a Freelancer get Hired on Upwork?

Considering how competitive the platform is, many top-notch talents are signing up here, which is why businesses come to Upwork to get the most skillful freelancer for their projects. But, how do Upwork works? First, the business will post jobs where freelancers can apply. As soon as freelancers send their applications, business owners will choose among the applicants, and then the job commences. And when the freelancers provide the deliverable, payment is transferred or sent to the freelancer. Then, business owners will give reviews and feedback to the freelancers.

Ways Freelancers Get Paid on Upwork

The platform consists of 80% of the total jobs paid on an hourly basis. Considering this is a convenient payment way where the client will invoice freelancers every week.

On the other hand, Fixed Price is where the client sets up a fixed budget. This mode of payment is more ideal for a clear and predictable scope of work.

Maybe you have heard about milestones. And this payment feature falls under the Fixed Price. Here in milestones, Upwork is breaking the Fixed Price into smaller segments. 

Both the client and the freelancer must agree on the purpose of the milestone, completion date, and the installment amount. 

On top of that, milestones are sequential, where the freelancer must deliver the first task and get paid before moving to the next one.

Now, are you ready to set up your Upwork profile?

Initial Setup on Upwork

To set up your Upwork profile, first, you must go to the Upwork website and click sign up. To sign up, you can either continue using an existing Google account, connect with an apple account, or input your work email address. You will then continue your free account setup and then verify. Afterward, optimize your Upwork profile by providing the needed details and information.

To do that, you must provide the following:

  • Complete info
  • Professional profile photo
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Experiences
  • Language
  • Availability

When you are done, you will wait for the Upwork team to verify and approve your profile. And when your profile is approved, you can now then start job hunting and sending applications.

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